Things to follow when renting a space or property in Dubai.

Things to follow when renting a space or property in Dubai.

Dubai is the most preferred locations in the Globe by entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike. If you are looking for profitable openings in the world, it will be a great idea to be part of this career lifting nation. This is the place for people who are opting for a career change or for new entrepreneurship. It will be the best spot to begin and raise your business. Getting a proper space to shift to, feeling just like your home is something people always need. For some people, this is their dream come true and for others, this will be the start of a new career. Whether you are looking for friendly office spaces or renting spaces we have got you covered.

What to look for when renting?

Tenants should always ensure that they are giving it at an affordable range and is according to the current trend. You must keep up with the current market value of the property and ask for ownership and proof of identity if you are renting from an individual landlord. This is because many scams have been reported and if it is genuine then they won't mind saying the true value of the space to be rented. Please ensure that the company is reliable if you are opting through an agent. In order to get a receipt, you should be dealing with a landlord and pay your cheques and not a third party.
If they are charging you for this, then you better watch out for such office for rent in Dubai. When opting for an apartment, you should ask other inhabitants of the same and how the place is maintained. You should also ask the other inhabitants about service charges being paid if you are searching for an apartment block. Often the property owners arrange for more than one person in the case of office space rentals thus creating more competition in the field.

What other costs might there be?

If an estate agent is a method you opted for renting, then you will get a commission of five per cent as per the annual rental cost. To the landlord, you have to give an extra cost of 5% of the annual rental cost. If it is unfurnished and you should give 10% for him if it furnished. As most of the properties are unfurnished you have to bring a refrigerator or fridge.

How is rent given?

The Dubai residents were mainly asked to pay the whole annual rent upfront as a single cheque. But it has gone long ago. Now they are expected to pay by two or four times per year. The owners don't face a problem too. With the coming of easy money transfers and internet banking, the rents are paid in cheque form.

Visiting the property.

You should set a visit date for seeing the executive office for rent and have some questions to be asked with the agent when you visit. It is good to have a look at your neighbourhood, so better reach early. You should arrange for a second meeting as you need to have a secondary visit there and understand how it will be to live there. When doing the rental agreement please ensure that you cover all the boxes that are necessary for you. If you follow the above-mentioned methods when you rent an office space in Dubai, then it will be easy for you to get a convenient space. You can choose the space most apt for you. We have a wide selection of office spaces for rent in Dubai just for you.