Things To Check Before Renting An Office Space In Dubai

Things To Check Before Renting An Office Space In Dubai

Dubai is the most favorite place of every businessman. The land that uplifted the name of Emirates to the world. Unique advantages for business have led to an increase in the number of business startups in Dubai. Every businessman whether a new entrepreneur or an existing one wishes to launch their business in Dubai. As it is fast-changing, a well-paced place where you can start your business. The infrastructure facilities that Dubai offers for everyone is the best in class.

Here we are going to help you understand the things you should check before renting an office space in Dubai. For new entrepreneurs, you can use the help of specialized teams like us to get a good office space in Dubai. So what all things should you check?

Your Eligibility

So who is eligible for renting an office space in Dubai?

People having a valid trade license can get an office space in Dubai. Trade license gives the authority for persons to start their business activities in Dubai. You can get a Trade license in Dubai from the Department of Economic Development (DED) by filling up the required agreements. Or you can consult a DED service provider in Dubai.


After Getting your trade license you can check for office spaces in Dubai. There are a variety of office spaces in Dubai you can choose from. The first thing to take into consideration while setting up your office space is to plan the location. The location must be suitable for your business

In this case, if you are planning to provide logistic service your ideal location will be an industrial area. Every business location plays a vital role in business existence. The other factor you should also consider is your employee's comfort in the office.


The cost is the amount you may incur in renting an office space in Dubai. While selecting an office space you should check for the cost and profits you can make from that office space. There should be profits above the cost while renting the office space. An expert in the field of office space renting can help you get a good office space at the right cost that you can afford for.

Office space structuring time and Cost.

In Dubai, most of the office spaces available will be unfurnished. You should have to furnish your own office spaces. If you are renting an unfurnished building you should take into account the cost of furnishing the office space. Nowadays there are furnished office spaces for rent in Dubai. Selecting these office spaces is much cheaper when compared to furnishing an office by yourself.

Worker's space Ratio.

The worker's ratio is the amount of space you should provide for each employee in your office. While selecting an office needs to look at the worker space ratio. To find the total space needed for your office you should use the worker's space ratio. The total space can be found by multiplying the total number of employees with the space ratio. If you are unaware of the worker's space ratio you can consult experts, they can help you out with these problems.


After selecting an office space in Dubai you should make agreements of the lease between tenant and owner. For getting approval from the Ejari the following details should be presented.

  • Original signed contract
  • Security deposit payment receipt
  • Passport copy of the tenant
  • Residence Visa copy
  • Emirates ID copy
If all the documents are present there will be a fee that should be paid to the Ejari for registration of the documents.

Payments of Rent

The payments can be a single payment or multiple payments through cheques. The cheque should be in the name of the company bank account. You can make payment either through a single cheque or through multiple cheques. We recommend paying your rent with multiple cheques to avoid a huge default of payment risk.