The rising of healthcare investment in Dubai

The rising of healthcare investment in Dubai

Dubai is one of the popular destinations to setup a business. Business setup service in dubai has become more simple and easy with world class infrastructure. Dubai has become the biggest business hub for the Middle East. Dubai’s healthcare sector will have a steady growth especially after coronavirus outbreak. Over the past decade numerous healthcare innovations has been implemented both national wide and local sectors. Dubai’s excellent infrastructure and investor – friendly business environment has opened huge opportunities to invest in healthcare for private sectors. The UAE government has taken new initiatives steps to attract investors to focus on the private healthcare sector and thus enable UAE to be self – dependent in healthcare Industry.

Healthcare system Regulations

After forming Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in 2007 the healthcare system has been regulated and is responsible for licensing & regulating medicine professionals that includes all hospitals, clinics, pharmacy. Over the past years numerous healthcare innovations implemented to attract more investors to health care industry.

Wareed system

This system introduced by UAE in 2008. The new form clinical key service helps to building the local electronic health records. This system has helped to provide a Centralized platform to keep patients data. This enables doctors to have brisk access to any patient's past clinical history and other imperative data. Wareed system uses a unique ID for each patient and can access their own medical records. This system helps them to connect with their doctors for next online consultation.

Prevention Method

The Weqaya program helps to access personal health report which is done through Weqaya screening. This report helps better understanding of your health status. And they can follow up if there is any risk of developing diabetes and other cardiovascular disease. This has enabled HAAD to implement quick changes to health system and take proper steps.

Telemedicine facility for 24/7

Abu Dhabi Telemedicine centre which operate 24 /7 has establish with Mubadala Development Company owned and operated by the Government of Abu Dhabi. This centre operates 24/7 consulting through phone to provide Telemedicine. They have also build up a free mobile application called Telemed, through which patients can send photographs of the influenced region of the body, past clinical names they're consulting or some other data with respect to their treatment. This has helped local hospitals to deal with non – emergency cases.

Steps involving Setting up a Clinic/Polyclinic

The process of establishing a clinic/polyclinic in Dubai is as follows:

  • Step 1 - Reservation of Trade Name
  • Step 2 – Initial Approval from the DED
  • Step 3 – Initial Approval by the DHA
  • Step 4 – Execution of Documents
  • Step 5 – Final Approval from the DED Planning Department and Issue of DED Licence
  • Step 6 – DHA Application and Final Approval/Licence by the DHA
  • If all the above DHA guidelines and requirements met, the final approved of DHA is given and that result the issue of license. As the industry is growing the Government is promoting the sector further and thus make UAE as one the best healthcare investment destination.

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