Rise of the pop-up office in the United Arab Emirates

Rise of the pop-up office in the United Arab Emirates

What does it mean for your small business to explore "new standards"? The COVID-19 epidemic has fundamentally changed the way we work, especially in startups where more employees work from home than ever before.

When is it safe to return to the office? Do we need more and more expensive office space now? Business owners may face these difficult questions now.

Businesses are clearly rethinking how they interact and collaborate. We want to call this account "Popup Office".

Can your company take advantage of this unique and innovative approach? Read on to find out.

Time to rethink the traditional office setup

Before we explain what an emerging office is, it is useful to have some background: In recent months many companies have realized that local and small business offices are not necessary. With the right tools and support, employees can stay productive while working from their home offices.

While teams can maintain productivity at home, there is no need for large and expensive commercial office space. However, socialization and cooperation remain important to your team's success.

And let's not forget that working from home is not suitable for everyone. Some employees love doing their work from an unattended office space. Others may not have a home office to help them finish their work better (anyone who has ever tried to work from home with children knows how difficult this is).

How can business owners strike a balance between personal cooperation, affordability and flexibility? The answer is simple: an office pop-up.

What is a popup?

With the pop-up office, small and medium-sized teams can rent office space as needed for a specific time period. There are no long-term lease contracts, which makes them an affordable option available to both small and large companies. If you are familiar with the Office spaces and the solutions we provide, you may be familiar with another term describing this type of workspace: virtual office space.
Here are some examples of these work settings:

  • The company can rent a meeting room for a large meeting or special event. The space can be rented for a few hours, several days, or more.
  • Businesses with a sparse team that usually works from home can rent private office space or executive suites. These teams do not require full-time office space, but this flexible configuration makes it easy to access workspaces as needed.
  • When a company uses a virtual office space, creating a pop-up office that caters to the team's needs is simple and straightforward.

How to take advantage of the direction of the pop-up office for your business

If you think your business and employees will benefit from the convenience of a pop-up virtual office for rent in dubai, please feel free to contact the UBL Properties.

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