Redesigning Workplaces

Redesigning Workplaces

COVID 19 has entered our lives as an uninvited guest and has brought many challenges too. It has also forced a transformation in our ways of working. The past office spaces in dubai have to be made comfortable, safe and hygienic for the employees with the coming of this pandemic. Leaders are trying hard to find spaces that are safe with the proper practices of hygiene and social distancing. It has made a massive change around the globe, rising to the occasion to make it safe for the employees and shift to a new way of working; thus keeping distance between occupants working space and making flexible hours.

Redesigning the future space

Creating a flexible office space will be challenging for most of us. In the post-COVID era, hygiene and social distancing will be prioritised, which will be the attractive features to be included and kept in mind when constructing new space. The distance and space between the employees will increase and more focus will be given to privacy rather than working in groups. Accepting an employee will be also based on the pandemic area to ensure the safety of others. Other things to be checked will be to maintain sufficient airflow and daily hygiene of the office space (cleaning). Technology will play a major role in the post-COVID era. Videoconferencing will be used often in the current scenario rather than waiting for future purposes.

Creative transformation

There will be a necessity of transformational thinking and ideas to be creative and create a safe working environment. A specific plan should be made on where space is required and how are the outcomes based on productivity, collaboration etc. The location of the office will be questioned too. Most of them will be situated in big cities to drag young talents while others choose suburban places to work. The transformation can include spaces like owned space, flexible leases, flexible working spaces, remote spaces etc. The main office workspace will be out of focus and work from home will take the lead. Many organisations will increase savings starting from rent, capital costs, maintenance etc. Also, the real estate groups should collaborate with HR and businesses to create a flexible design for spaces. For many organisations, real estate costs can be reduced if they are completely shifting to a virtual space. The risk level can be reduced by having their employees work in different locations. CRE professionals are approached in providing workspaces that are flexible.

Worldwide employers are trying to welcome back their employees with a convincing workspace, but they should ensure the workspaces to be safe and productive at the same time. The past systems and habits should be removed and a new environment should be given space. This will be a much-awaited change for most of us with a safe environment, completely enjoying your work and safe collaborations with your colleagues.

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