Post-COVID Security and Productivity in Office Space

Post-COVID Security and Productivity in Office Space

Professionals focus on finding innovative ways to address workplace challenges beyond COVID through safe and effective business strategies. Heads of marketing for the UBL Group looks at what this means for companies returning to the office. As more companies seek to return to the office, we are working hard to provide spaces for enhanced wellness and cooperation, while maintaining appropriate standards of distance and social hygiene.


With the emergence of government guidelines for return to work, companies must be ready to act quickly to return to full capacity in a safe and responsible manner. HR teams use flexible hours and fixed hours to reduce the number of people staying in one place. Companies are increasingly looking for professionals to provide flexible workspaces:
It can be easily adjusted in the short term; Consider the regulation of pedestrian traffic in one direction and the social distance; Make stagnant operating adjustments.

Long term

The HR and teams must look beyond the immediate consequences of coronavirus and start implementing long-term strategies. Commercial real estate portfolios should be expanded to include designs that allow for social distance in the workplace, facilitate virtual meetings, and enable remote communication and work.

New challenges for creative collaborative business environments keep the workplace socially isolated, and business leaders are concerned about the impact on productivity. We can help companies address these concerns with flexible strategic office solutions. This includes collaborative environments that enhance learning and knowledge sharing while adhering to government return-to-work guidelines.

Design a future workplace

Designing a workspace that attracts and retains talent will remain a priority for companies in the post-Kovid era. By implementing design changes to support health and safety in the workplace, companies can take the following steps:

  • Try new ideas in existing workspaces and collect comments from workers.
  • Speak to executives to discuss changes in productivity and collaboration.
  • Work with selected experts to maximize change by looking at the demographics and different working patterns of the different teams in the office.
  • Work with information technology to collect data on the use of physical assets by those who live in the IT environment.
  • Use this data to increase the presentation of modern and creative office space that is in keeping with the new business style in the world.
  • The commercial real estate industry can enhance health and safety in the workplace by taking the following steps:

  • Identification of useful data: Now that there are many people and property data, it is important to identify reliable sources. We need to rely on more data, especially when teams become aware of how space is used and how space can attract and retain talent.
  • Investing in robust data technology: Understanding and accessing important data is a good start, but we also need a technology environment now ready to handle large amounts of data. We need to address user data storage, quality, compliance, and consumption issues.
  • Privacy and Credibility Emp: Since technology plays an important role, privacy risks must be carefully managed. We should emphasize the importance of protecting and maintaining privacy standards when interacting with human resources and technology teams to implement initiatives.

Immediately, we believe real estate teams have a unique opportunity to design and distribute workplaces that will support a successful return to work and aid in business recovery. By impacting the rich sources of human resources, we can help ensure a speedy recovery while maintaining health and safety in the workplace and city center.

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