Important things need to know about Furnished and Unfurnished Office Space

Important things need to know about Furnished and Unfurnished Office Space

While setting up a new business, entrepreneurs need a good office space where they can sort out their office as the beginning stage to their work, and this requires investment through renting. Nonetheless, one significant thing which assumes a critical function during such investment is whether office space should be fully furnished or unfurnished. Many experts in the field have a strong opinion that size of the business you are going to start determine the key factor for leasing out an office space.

Furnished office space

A fully furnished office space for rent in Dubai, offers complete business setup facilities and interiors. You simply have a move to the new office space and start your work without affecting the business.

Advantages of Furnished office space

As we said a fully furnished office space allows you to start work without affecting the business tasks. Moving to furnish office saves a lot of time in defining interiors and other equipment’s for office like chairs, tables, and so on. For bigger firms renting a fully furnished office space is more helpful as the workforce is vast and not interrupt their daily works.

Disadvantages of furnished office space

Similar to many advantages, furnished office space have disadvantages. Many furnished office space have a high price compare to unfurnished. The average leasing price of furnished office space sometimes maybe 40 -50% higher than unfurnished offices. Any damage or other loss of the property the tenant would be responsible as per rental agreement. The building owner will recover the damage property amount from the security deposit given at the time of rental agreement.

Unfurnished office space

An Unfurnished office space completely different from furnished office space which is just a bare shell. We will get the freedom to design and decorate in accordance to the business needs.

Advantages of Unfurnished office space

One of the main advantages of unfurnished office space is rental cost will be very low compare to furnish offices. You can also customize office space according to your convenience that suits business. Apart from this furniture and other office equipment’s are purchased by the business owners, and hence there will be no additional cost reduced in case of any office property damage. Also, it is an asset while shifting to a new office space.

Disadvantages of unfurnished office space

Unfurnished office space is different from furnished offices. Right from the basic electric wiring to setting up a workspace entire work should be managed by you which involves a lot of time to invest which may affect your business growth. The decision of renting an office space entirely depends on your business needs.

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