Coming back to Office after Covid-19.

Coming back to Office after Covid-19.

2020 have been a year of adaptations and scopes in exploring new pathways. It has made most of the companies to shut down their procedures and on the other hand, has made some of them find new ways of coping. For preventing the spread of the coronavirus, most of the companies were shut down. But the discovery of vaccination has made for the possibilities of expanding more than ever for the Dubai office for rentals.
But after the arrival of the corona, the ways and approaches to be followed in the office spaces will completely differ. We have to cope up with these changes and to have spaces built accordingly. Thus we are proceeding with this article.

Open floor plans

The open floor plans are quite common ones. This allows the employees to have collaborations and stay connected with each other. But in the year 2020, we have understood one thing that what people need is more space. They need both individual space and also collaborative space too. Even though people are looking for interactions and connections, you should be cautious of the pandemic. You should make your steps towards the future keeping this in mind. You can make adaptations with the consent of your landlord.
Always keep the six feet apart composition in mind. The employee must keep a distance of six feet to ensure that they don't spread the pandemic and for added safety. You should also avoid shared desk and provide your employees with divided desk and individual space. For the safety of your staffs, you must follow the distance of six feet. Usage of non-porous furniture must be always easy to clean and reuse. This is because people cannot always stay without any communication. But to ensure their safety, they have to follow strict rules.

Utilizing the outdoor spaces

The spread of the pandemic through airflow can be controlled by utilising outdoor spaces. Your office spaces must be constructed, keeping the concerns of your employees in mind. Even if you are planning for an office space for rent in Dubai. Outdoor spaces have become most people's preference. Through this, they can also breathe in some fresh air and have some warm sunlight on their bodies. Having outdoor spaces to spend with your co-employees and mingle free with the gulp of some fresh air is something worth trying.

Technologies to include

In order to keep up with their work and have great productivity, it is essential to include certain technologies within your office space. With our instant assistance, your business setup in Dubai can be done, tension-free. You can include:-

  • Contact-free bathrooms.
  • Air filters and sensors.
  • Sanitisation stations.
To ensure the safety of the people many new technologies have been used. While creating an office space for your employees you can keep this in mind. Falling sick can result in decreasing productivity and in turn will affect the performance of the company.

Providing Hybrid spaces

Most of the employees have adapted to the work from home routine. They can save costs on many things like travel expenses or stay expenses. They can have more time with their family members and also work at flexible hours. This made them not want to return back to their offices. You can cut down on the costs by having a hybrid space for your employees. If you can't finish some work through your remote work, then you can do this within your hybrid space. They can reach the office and work here, to finish their tasks and then return back. Those employees who need to care for their children can opt for this type of flexible working spaces