Basic steps to set up a business in Dubai

Basic steps to set up a business in Dubai

When you have finished all your legal processes, then beginning a business in the UAE will be very easy. There are some factors to consider in this before beginning your legal conventions. The class of license you need will be based on your kind of business. The cornerstone of your functions will be determined based on whether it is financial, trained or industrial licenses. When you are choosing your business you should be aware of certain functions. Food trading, food security, veterinary movements and judicial consultancy needs additional consents of other administrative agencies. Our business setup consultants in UAE can support you with the business formation and also for space setup.


You have to pick any of the Freezones in the UAE if you are an international member and would like to have 100% ownership of your business and is looking for a license and location. In order to get a better option and get a clear picture of your freezone location. And also to opt for different kinds of ventures. You will not be searching for different options as there are a lot of choices for you. 45 Freezones are present in the UAE. To have a license from the Department of Economic Development(DED) is essential to function locally. For the share of foreigner ownership, there are certain limitations placed for the DED license. This is basically considered on the various legal forms.

Legal structure

We provide Top business setup services and spaces for your business. For the creation of your company, it will be based on the location of your company and also on your kind of business. Businesses such as judicial consultancy firms can be started as just a branch of the company or just a stand-alone company. An individual proprietor is not permitted to take up this venture. There are certain limitations for each Freezone and you have to keep updated with this on the official website of the zones.


Even before approval of your registration, you should have to hire a manager to supervise the process and convey him to be present onboard. B basically in the case of any legal forms based in the DED. But in other scenarios, you cannot hire at all. Based on the business structure each Free zone transactions will have distinct laws.

Local support

For the efficient functioning of the business, you must have a local contact in the Freezones. Without even considering the nationality, Dubai supports in building Businesses in abundance and also boasts about this quality quite often. It is essential to have a local agent or partner to aid the foreign nationals, for these DED licenses.

Company name

For the legal process, your trade name is very significant. It is important to have a connection between the company name and the kind of business you are investing in. In order to understand the rules based on this, please look out on the official website.

Share capital

In your proposed company, the minimum share capital can be seen in the Memorandum of Association. During the setting up period, you don't have to give the minimum share capital.


Shortlisting some of the spaces and properties will be great after the setting up of legal processes and the necessary forms are good to go. It is important to get your legal procedures done. Once all the legal formalities are set, you will have a fine way before you and all set to start. You will be assisted in finding out proper areas needed for business setup which have all the requirements starting from water, electricity to wifi.